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One of the great things about life in cyberspace is that there is a place for just about everyone to gather and share in experiences relevant to them with others of like mind. Woman Nigeria, hosted at, is that place for independent, on the go, Nigerian women who want to be in the know (informed) and share common opinions, thoughts, and experiences.

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Designed for the modern Nigerian woman,, is a 'safe space' in cyberspace for Nigerian woman to enjoy informative and entertaining content on a wide range of topics. Woman Nigeria's content covers the latest and greatest information and stories on food, celebrity, fashion, weddings, opinions, living, and personal stories. All these topics are listed in the menu or navigation bar of the website found at the top of the page - just below the logo header and the advertising banner.

The home page on is simply laid out. Using a common main content (left) and right sidebar layout associated with blogs. The main content features a highlighted post at the top followed by the latest posts from all the various categories. The right sidebar features a mixture of the latest posts from select categories (identified and organised as such) and well-placed banner advertisements.

Rounded Content: Nigerian Women Inspiring Each Other

One of the best things about Woman Nigeria is the fact that it is more than just about hair and makeup. The site features content that speaks to the whole woman - mind body and soul. As such, there is content related to work and business, faith and spirituality, as well as beauty and style. This diversity and commitment to producing content dedicated to the whole woman is seen clearly in one of's most popular categories. That is, the profile category.

This category is home to sub-categories such as how I started my business, success stories, cover girl, 15 questions, and more. These profile sub-categories provide interesting and different ways of presenting the achievements and stories of inspiring women. The variety ensures that readers never get bored of seeing these features, while profiling provides great, usable, engaging, relatable, and motivational and inspiring content. Nigerian women visiting the site can interact with the content through submitting their own stories for publications, commenting on the blog posts, as well as, through social media postings. Also, website administrators can be contacted using the information on the contact page.



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