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Tori Nigeria is increasingly becoming a popular news outlet in Nigeria. The platform offers readers current news on entertainment, sports, politics, technology and more. It covers Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. The news website distinguishes itself with exceptional editorial quality and a premium selection of stories to keep readers captivated.

The website allows readers to subscribe to regular news feeds through RSS and email newsletter. Nigerians and readers from around the world can also follow the news feeds via the platform's Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages. It comes as no surprise that Tori Nigeria has thousands of likes on Facebook. The portal encourages users to share interesting content with friends via social media.

Participating on Tori's social media pages is a sure-fire way for Nigerians to join discussions about hot news from around the country. It is also an ideal option to connect and share views regardless of location. Nigerians in the diaspora can stay well-informed about events at home.

Whether you are curious about current events in your city or state, keeps you well-informed and entertained all year-round. You can digest captivating articles on key political figures and establishments, including the president.

On the other hand, Tori invites you to provide news tips via email or SMS.


The site is well-designed, which makes it easier to navigate and discover relevant, interesting content on a wide variety of topics. Key news categories are laid out at the top of all pages, including the homepage. The sidebar on the left features a list of headlines under Hot Stories that are attracting the most views.

From the homepage, readers can access featured articles comprising the most recent and hottest topics doing rounds in Nigeria. Meanwhile, the right sidebar displays a selection of headlines by category, including lifestyle, sport, romance, weird and more. This is aimed at ensuring easy access to articles.

The platform is accessible through various devices, including tablets, desktop and smartphones. This allows you to consume news content while on the go.

Content is a good example of a reliable Nigerian news source that prides itself on delivering brilliant journalism. It provides insightful analysis of issues relating to politics, corruption, business and other topics of human interest.

The website also offers access to interesting video content that has gone viral on the internet. From the Big Brother Naija videos and former US president Barack Obama clips to shocking celeb vids, you are guaranteed to stay entertained on Tori's video category...


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