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Top Gist has been operating for a few years and provides information for those interested in learning, business, work, and ethics. The site started with a small group of followers but is slowly growing.

Top Gist Nigeria was started by Dennis Omaba, who is passionate about Nigeria and education. This drove Omaba to start this online educational site. One section of the site is devoted to job vacancies throughout the country. Omaba believes that opportunity is always around, and the only thing lacking is the path to this opportunity. This site is here to provide a bridge to these opportunities.

Another aspect of the site that some readers love are the inspirational stories and blog posts. Looking for work or starting up a new business requires a lot from a person. It is a brave and scary notion, which makes these inspirational posts a vital part of the site. The people visiting need a little boost or encouragement at times, which is hard to come by, but it can be found on Top Gist.

The site also has several journalists and contributors that help gather Nigerian-centered news regarding finances. The financial sector in Nigeria is growing, and there is a lot to talk about. The news even covers negative financial stories. For example, some of the stories covered deal with financial scams that are making their rounds in the country. These scams prey on people who are looking for work or an opportunity. Top Gist is bent on making sure that these scams are exposed as quickly as possible because they undermine the positive aspects of the financial sector.

Another section covers events in Nigeria. It is here where visitors will get the opportunity to learn about local happenings, such as job fairs or other similar activities. Visitors might even get the opportunity to upload their own events to get more people involved. In essence, what Omaba is trying to do is build an effective community who wants to lift each other up, and he has been successful in this endeavor.

Those who frequent the website understand just how invaluable it is. Omaba and his staff work non-stop to make sure visitors receive the top stories, articles, or job vacancies. There is a lot of information there, and it seems like the site will continue to grow. More people are spreading the word, and it seems to be catching on..


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