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Hosted at and operated by Kay, Tech Views is a Nigerian-based, technology reviews blog, also popularly referred to as TechViews Nigeria. As the name suggested, the blog helps the average Nigerian consumer sift through the sometimes overwhelming sea of technology products flooding the market every day. As the site's about page says, Tech Views is designed to help shoppers buy the right gadgets for them by providing them with the information they need in a way they understand.

Kay is prepared to take buyers through the pros and cons of just about any technological gadget and have them use this information to their benefit. In addition to the reviews and views already posted to the blog, buyers can subscribe to the Tech Views mailing list and receive all information they need directly to their email inbox. Prospective gadget buyers can also shoot Kay a quick message using the quick and easy to use contact form on the contact page of the blog.

Here's Why TechViews Nigeria is So Important

Of course, as the lifestyles of Nigerians become more reliant on technological devices, and in particular mobile devices, a site such as Tech Views becomes increasingly relevant. As ordinary people grapple with trying to understand the new technology, a site such as this one which readily breaks down the jargon-heavy information associated with most technology products into language they can understand, relate to, and use for their benefit.

In addition to being written in simple language, the reviews and technology views found on TechViews Nigeria are formatted in a way that is conducive to easy reading. Best of all, readers can access these reviews from mobile devices they already own, including smartphones, tablets, and phablets. As a result, so long as they have an Internet connection, readers and buyers can access all the information posted to TechViews Nigeria on the go.

Finally, content on Tech Views is organised into three main categories. These categories include buyer's guide, reviews, and telecos and ISPS. As is expected posts about gadgets or news relevant to these topics are tagged accordingly and each category is featured prominently in the menu navigation bar at the top of each page on the website. As such, readers should have no problems finding what they want. On top of all that, the site's white background and crisp clear font make the content legible, and high-quality images of products are tastefully used where needed.

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