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Techloy Nigeria is a prominent online platform that publishes technology news and provides unbiased opinion. It covers various African countries, including Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. Some of the key categories offered on the site include startups, mobile, entertainment, money and apps. Techloy Nigeria distinguishes itself by offering a unique yet entertaining take on technology topics. This is aimed at keeping its growing readership updated about tech news in different parts of Africa. The platform attracts almost half a million page views from a diverse audience on a monthly basis.

Readers are well-informed through breaking news, in-depth analysis of technology trends in key African markets. From social media trends and innovations in finance to cloud-based web technology, there is truly something for everyone. It comes as no surprising that Forbes considers the website as Africa's most authoritative tech blog.The platform is planning to introduce Techloy TV, which will release a series of episodes and shows. Currently, it publishes videos covering interviews and product reviews on its YouTube channel.

The news category keeps readers well-informed about some of Africa's notable technology developments. It highlights innovative service, product or platform launches that are set to make an impact on the continent's growing tech scene. The information helps inspire innovative thinking and challenges budding professionals in various fields to take the industry to new heights.

As a result, many startups are changing the way Africans do business. From taxi hailing services to mobile money applications, the tech scene is abuzz with activity.


This section offers detailed analysis and news about entertainment topics like the introduction of new gaming and internet-based TV stations. The news attracts a diverse audience of readers keen on staying up-to-date with the latest entertainment gadgetry and services. For instance, the introduction of Amazon Prime Video in 51 African countries attracts attention from the young and the old.

This section is a good source of news related to mobile devices. Techloy Nigeria covers new trends and the launch of mobile-based services and applications. Some of the reports that have appeared on the website include stories about the launch of platforms for ranking Africa's fastest growing companies. The initiative is a partnership between Ernst & Young, African Data Company and the African Business magazine.

Techloy publishes articles on a variety of finance-related topics under the money section, including investments in technology startups and the launch of payment networks. The information allows businesspeople and ordinary members of the public to stay well-informed about new tech services and business updates. Cross-border remittances play a crucial role in many African economies. The continent takes advantage of inflows from citizens based in the diaspora.

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