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Sahara Reporters, as the name indicates, is an Africa-focused news website, which caters primarily to the Nigerian news consumer. According to the site's About Us page, the online publication is a community comprising global social advocates and international reporters who present news reports, features, commentaries, etc. through a Nigerian lens. Sahara Reporters not just takes pride in presenting news without any fear or inhibitions, but also assures all the news content on its site is accurate and not biased toward any particular individual or group. In an age where "lobby" journalism is slowly becoming the norm, Sahara Reporters stands out on its own.


Sahara Reporters was founded by Omoyele Sowore, a Nigerian political activist, in 2006. The Daily Beast has bestowed the site the "WikiLeaks of Africa" title after recognizing Sahara Reporters' unconventional reporting standards. The site is frequently funded by different foundations such as the Ford Foundation, The Omidyar Foundation, etc. The "health" section of the site, which we shall talk about later in this review, is an initiative of Code for Nigeria and SaharaHealth.

A non-profit organization, Code for Nigeria bats for civic technology movement. This entails a network of volunteers contributing their skills, talents, community knowledge, and expertise as technological tools for bettering public service, making governments answerable, and promoting data-driven (informed) decision-making. And these volunteers are backed by a robust team of technology professionals.

Site Design

When you first visit the site, you feel the credibility the founders of this site claim to enjoy. The site has an extremely professional design and layout. Most similar news sites from Nigeria and other parts of Africa are not exactly known for their aesthetics, structure, and ease of navigation. Sahara Reporters manages to score high on all those fronts. In fact, it looks more like a global news website than a site that specifically caters to a niche audience or demographic. The choice of colors for the fonts and different sections of the site also scream professionalism.



The content on the site is neatly categorized and the different sections are showcased on the site's primary menu. Besides offering news reports, features, and opinion pieces, Sahara Reporters also delves into different fields or topics, such as sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and education. You may ponder how the site manages to populate its different categories when it only focuses on Nigeria-specific content. And your doubts stand good for the most part. Unsurprisingly, there's not a lot of inflow of content within those "subject-based" sections. In fact, there could even be a gap of weeks between two subsequent posts on its different subject categories. The "health" section doesn't provide any news articles as such. It basically helps readers find doctors and hospitals, medicine prices, etc.

Besides offering content in words, Sahara Reporters also presents information in the form of videos and photos. There are also PDF documents giving a detailed account of more serious and scandalous news stories. Since runs on contributions from people across the world, it's easy to submit a story to the site and get it published. Most other news sites have an in-house team who contribute most of the content on their sites.


Sahara Reporters is not a recent entrant into the world of online journalism. It has been online for quite some time now, and in that period, has managed to amass a huge following. On social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, its followers are in the millions. As aforementioned, Sahara Reporters values visual content as much as traditional written content. And its serious approach to visual media stands validated, thanks to its dedicated YouTube channel, which has approximately 150k subscribers.

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