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Ono Bello is a premier fashion and pop culture site that has made its mark in the digital world. The focus of the site is both local and international, which is likely what makes it popular among Nigerians. has articles that date back to 2004 when it debuted online. It could be said that Ono Bello is more of a magazine in the form of a blog than a mere website. What makes it stand out is its focus on the things that matter to fashionistas and pop culture lovers. This is evident on many pages of the site.

For example, there is the Entertainment page, which offers the latest buzz both in Nigeria and around the world. Some of the articles cover the latest scandals and breaking news regarding a reader's favorite celebrities. Readers will always be 'in the know' if they have Ono Bello on their side.

Another page worth mentioning is the Fashion page. It is here where readers get the opportunity to see some of the latest trends making a splash around the world and some of the trends that Nigerians are getting into. The page covers trends that affect women and help them look fabulous and hip, but men are not forgotten. This page also puts a spotlight on up-and-coming designers from Nigeria, which is an exciting way to promote home-grown talent.

The Beauty page is another section that many readers are excited to visit. The page focuses on everything beauty, with an emphasis on the latest trends and tips. Frequent visitors of One Bello's will always know what's going on in the beauty world.

Those who are looking for personal pieces regarding trends and celebrity news can look at the Editorial page or the Opinions category under Features. Readers can get a taste of what experts on fashion and Nigerian culture think about the beauty or celebrity world.

It should also be noted that One Bello opens its doors to home-grown talent. Those who have an eye for fashion, beauty, or celebrity culture are invited to try to become contributors. Home-grown writers give the site an edge, which is exactly what they want. It is easy to see why is making such a splash on the internet and why so many readers follow the website's publications. The reason is because this site has a team of people who are passionate about the subjects, just like the readers.

Ono Bello Blog


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