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Olori Super Gal launched in 2010. In the beginning, it was just an obscure blogspot. It was a passionate blog that focused on forward-thinking juicy entertainment. The site captured the imagination of many readers, which propelled it to accommodate this growing fan base. This transformation took place in 2012; it moved from a blogspot to a full-on website. focuses on the latest news in entertainment but now with a much larger team covering what visitors are interested in. The entertainment news features global news but also puts an emphasis on Nigeria and the surrounding regions.

The website also accommodates readers who are interested in things like beauty. In fact, the site has a fashion page. On this page, visitors can find articles and tips regarding things like beauty, hair, and trendy styles. It is no doubt that this is one of the site's most visited pages because many readers know that looking good does require a few tips.

Olori Super Gal also offers a number of one-to-one interviews with many celebrities. This can be found on the Entertainment page where a team of skilled contributors ask penetrating questions that usually end up giving readers a juicy piece of information they might not know.

The site also offers articles on travel. There are many hidden gems in Nigeria and its surrounding areas that are worth traveling to, and this page highlights those treasured places. Those interested in culture and different styles should definitely take a look at this page.Another popular aspect of the site is that it highlights certain events. For one, the site loves to put a spotlight on local love by publishing weddings on the site. Many people have used this function to share their joyous event or to make it a little more public. This page also features cultural and other fun events happening throughout Nigeria.

Olori Super Gal also dedicates an entire section to the music of Nigeria on the Entertainment page. It is no secret that the music in Nigeria is going through a metamorphosis at the moment. It is vibrant and cool, which has attracted many visitors who want to know more about the music scene and want to get involved.
Olori Super Gal offers a lot more to readers than other sites, which visitors take notice of. This is why the site has grown as much as it has, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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