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Ogbongeblog is a premier tech site and blog that focuses on How To's, though the site does cover a number of other issues. The site has been growing in popularity since 2008 because it concentrates on people who are genuinely interested in Nigerian technological advances.

Ogbonge blog offers several tech blogs from native Nigerian voices, who are passionate about the culture and technology. In essence, the people behind this site want to see Nigerians succeed in many ways.

It should be noted that another important aspect of the site is its focus on helping young online entrepreneurs understand the nuisances of online business. The site knows that today's technology has given people the opportunity to make money online. There are several blogs that help beginners and experts try to navigate the digital world through a series of posts where experts share their experience and tips with eager readers.

The topics covered on the blog include digital marketing and social media, though this represents just a fraction of what might be found at the Ogbonge blog.

The site is broken up into several sections, which makes it easier to navigate. One focuses on How To's, but there is also another page that concentrates on advertisements. This section is where readers can read about different businesses or bloggers who are attempting to capture an audience. It is also a place where new readers can submit their own contributions to advertise. In essence, Nigerians can help one another by checking out each other's sites if it is something they are interested in. Another section of the site is the archives. It is here where all published pieces are stored. It is easy to search through the archives for the article or piece that the reader is actually looking for. All articles pertaining to the keyword will show up when the visitor presses the search button.

The main page or home page simply offers readers an overview of the latest blog posts or news regarding technology in Nigeria. The pieces are updated frequently to ensure that visitors are getting up-to-date information from the website. Everyone knows how hard it is to keep up with what is going on in Nigeria and the tech world. This is the reason why a site like this can be so helpful. The Ogbonge blog seeks to offer information that can be easily digested by its visitors, and readers appreciate that.

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