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Perhaps the biggest draw of the Internet and Internet technologies is how it quickly and easily draws those who would otherwise be disconnected, together. This is highlighted through the popularity of social media, blogs, forums, and other kinds of platforms where people gather to trade opinions and ideas on a variety of topics. One such website or platform is Nairaland, hosted at

About Nairaland

Nairaland Nigerian Forums is a Nigerian website and forum designed to connect Nigerians with information from others who have shared interests in a myriad of topics. Topics covered on the blog are each separated into their own categories (forums) at the top of the main page as a part of the site navigation. Using this clearly laid out navigation, visitors to will be able to find forum discussions on topics they are interested in quickly, and easily. Additionally, the simple, straightforward, easy to navigate layout of the site makes it a pleasure to use.

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The wide range of topics include politics, crime, religion, education, business, career, health, travel, pets, food, agriculture, and family to name a few. There are also forums for persons looking to post job vacancies, as well as those wanting to apply for them. Entertainment topics include TV/movies, celebrities, fashion, events, gaming, and literature. The remaining science and technology topics include webmasters, graphics, videos, programming, phones, computers, and technology marketplace.

Using How Nairaland Works

Nigerians can use the Nairaland forums as either a visitor or registered user. Of course, registered users are likely to enjoy more benefits than a guest browser. This is as guest browsers are not able to participate actively in forums through activities such as posting messages and responding to those messages from others. Another member perk is the birthday shoutout registered users enjoy when their birthday rolls around as per the address they provided. Finally, registering at is easy and free.

Importantly, there is a space on the Nairaland main page for advertisers to benefit from the platforms high traffic volume. By simply selecting one of the "how to" place targeted ads options listed on the site, advertisers can begin the process of placing banner ads on the website. For starters, those persons wishing to utilize the targeted ads feature of the website must be registered users.

Targeted User Advertising At

Once registered, they are expected to use the recommendations of the Nairaland team. These recommendations include ensuring that the banner ad is well designed using high-resolution images and graphics. Of course, a professional graphic designer can help you with the same. In addition to a high-quality design, the banner ad must meet certain size specifications. These size specifications require that the ad is a borderless ad that is 106 pixels in length or height, and 318 pixels wide. Finally, the final banner image must be in either .png or .jpg format and less than 30KB in size. Ads that have met all the above requirements can be uploaded to in addition to a landing page URL (this link will be where users are taken after they click the uploaded ad).

After upload, users simply wait to see if their ad will be approved by the Nairaland team. If the ad is approved, users can rest assured that has a robust algorithm to ensure advertisers get what they pay for by way of traffic. Online betting or forex trading ads, health remedy ads not verified by NAFDAC, MLMs, and HYIPs, and otherwise morally, or ethically, questionable ads, are those likely to be rejected by Nairaland's team.

Persons seeking answers to questions not covered in this review can benefit from the Q&A section of the site, or use the contact info listed on the contact page to talk to a member of the Nairaland team.

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