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As more people have smartphones in Nigeria than ever before, relevant and helpful information is a must. Smartphone penetration in Nigeria has hit an all-time high of 30% as of 2016 with an estimated 15.5 million new users expected to join the ranks. Moreover, people in today's time want reviews from real consumers who have the first-hand experience necessary with these tech-savvy devices to give you a knowledgeable look at the devices you are truly interested in. With so many new users to the world of smartphones, telecoms and mobile devices, they need a source of authority for all pertinent information and that is where Mobility Arena comes in.

About Mobility Arena was founded in 2008 by Yomi Adegboye. He started out blogging in early 2004 in order to share his experience and insight on newer technologies like the mobile internet and smartphones. While it started out as a one-man blog, it now employs an entire team that covers everything from how-to articles to mobile device reviews to suggested apps for life and work.

The blog is user-friendly and laid out with easy to find and access articles, videos and guides. Whether you are looking for reviews, features or gadget specs for a certain device, you will find it all on Mobility Arena.

Mobility Arena Features

Bargain prices on review devices
Brand new devices offered at special and discount prices
All the articles are easy to understand by the average reader
Common device problems are solved with thousands of how-to articles
Device reviews that are detailed and in-depth from people who have actually used the device
42,000 comments from active page visitors
Over 6,500 available articles
All independent reviews are done free
Dedicated to publishing unbiased information
Full disclosure when or if gifts or payment was received

Mobility Arena Impact reaches hundreds of thousands of unique visitors from all around the world. It is also one of the most respected and largest platforms for mobile-related information available out of the African market. Some of the top telecom and mobile brands are among their clientele list.

Whether you want a how-to article about your device or want to read reviews on devices you are interested in, has everything you need to make your smartphone life easier. Not only are the articles helpful, but it is an extremely active site with plenty of user-generated comments that offer a wealth of information as well.


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