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From the sound of it, you may believe Miss Petite Nigeria is a blog that's about a lady's routine life, her problems, escapades and adventures, etc. But, that's not the case. In fact, the blog focuses on multiple things, which includes fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and also a fair bit of conventional news. The site's primary objective is to offer news in the speediest manner possible.

From the looks of it, the site is loaded with content, with the majority of stories being on celebrities and their "first world" issues. And then there's also the occasional political and social news. If you're looking for your daily dose of some serious news, this isn't the site for you. However, if you love celebrities and things happening in their world, you could probably end up becoming a fan of this site.

As aforementioned, serious news or stories are sparse on this site. But that's not the only thing going against the website. Like most other Nigerian news sites or blogs, MissPetiteNaijablog isn't the most pretty looking site too. The layout is not just extremely simple but it's also not the most functional. Instead of categorizing posts and putting them into different sections, the posts are listed one below the other, which leads to some endless scrolling on the user's part.

The site is powered by Blogger. Its design and user experience would have been more effective if some plugins focusing on functionality were added to the mix. For instance, there could have been some mechanism in place where the user can reach the top or bottom of the page with just one click. At the moment, it's all and just scrolling.
There is no proper categories menu both at the footer and header of the site too. There is no "search" option either. So, good luck hunting for your kind of content on the site. There is no About Us page also. So people who visit this site for the first time would only have the lines in the site's header to get a feel of what the blog is all about.


 A proper page dedicated to the site's beginnings, inspirations, focus, purpose, etc. would have given first-time users a clear picture of what the site is about and what it intends to achieve. There is no Contact Us option either. This means users who have doubts or queries to put forward to the site owner would be out of luck.

Despite all these shortcomings, MissPetiteNaija has a fairly large following in Nigeria, which is quite surprising. Probably, Nigerian users don't mind if their favorite websites aren't the most usable or pleasing to the eye. They just want useful information, regardless of how it's presented.

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