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Linda Ikeji Social

Nigeria billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji made headlines with the launch of her social networking platform following the success of her personal entertainment news and gossip blog. Six months after the idea for a social media platform was born, Ikeji launched the site which promised to roll blogging, social networking and classifieds into one.

Linda Ikeji Social

The new social networking platform combines blogging and social networking and is tailored primarily to appeal to Nigerian users,a majority of whom are women. Ikeji conceived the idea after she was told by two fans that her blog and Facebook were the two sites that they visited on a daily basis. Linda created the site to provide Nigerian readers exactly what Facebook does for the rest of the world.

Ikeji has told CNN in an interview that Nigerians are very active online, where they scour sites liker hers for local news, trade on buy and sell sites, and discuss various issues on forums like Nairaland. Armed with this knowledge, Ikeji has created a platform that aims to provide a single online venue where Nigerians can do all these things, coupled with a few added perks not seen in other social networking platforms today.

Site Layout and Ease of Navigation

The site has a layout that is very similar to Facebook's, with user information and notifications to the left, a status bar right below the profile photo and a quick access navigation menu on the top header. The feed is divided into News and Activities categories and users can easily switch from either. There is also a page for easy access to all sections such as Notifications, Messages, Pages, Giveaways, Events, and Ads.

Right off the bat the site has been plagued by glitches such as log-in problems, problems uploading photos and videos, and lack of notification features for new comments and feeds. Poor app development and frequent crashes also led to negative reviews of the app by users online. Many users who are fans of the blog chose to uninstall the official app due to the bugs and crashes, opting to redownload when the glitches are fixed. So far, the site's administrators have not come out with any updates for the app.


Content Quality

Given the relatively short time that the site has been operating, the quality of the articles and content being generated by users cannot be considered to be on the same quality level of news provided by legitimate news sites. Ikeji herself has been derided for posting content that lacked proper accreditation and verification so the quality of content on the social network, which is a bigger platform, remains to be seen

User Interaction

One of the main draws of the site is maximum user interaction. Users get to interact with the site's content, which could be anything from news to classifieds, right after they sign up. They can expect to have a live news feed on their screens after signing up, although they have the option to tweak what is displayed on their screens according to their personal preferences.

Users can also contribute unique content and get paid for it, something that is not part of the models of most social networking sites. For a unique piece, a user can earn N1000 that is published. This is a pretty attractive option which also ensures that the site generates fresh, user-driven stories every minute.

Linda Ikeji Social

Apart from the revenue-generation aspect of LIS, many users are attracted to the fact that stories they post are likely to gain better exposure to a wider audience than the poster would have been able to command on his or her own. This is a huge incentive for any up-and-coming blogger who wants to gain exposure.


One of areas where LindaIkejiSocial differs from Facebook is the opportunity to monetize pages. Ikeji has announced that users who generate 50,000 followers will have their pages automatically monetized. This means that the site will post client banners on the most popular pages and pay page owners a commission from what advertising clients pay the platform. So far, no user has reached this mark, but Ikeji and her team are confident that this aspect of the platform will encourage more users to generate quality content that can attract followers. This is on top of the weekly share of advertising revenue that the platform is paying to the most popular accounts.

LindaIkejiSocial is an ambitious social platform that could deliver on its promise of a one-stop social environment for Nigerian users, especially if it fixes the bugs, glitches and start delivering quality, verifiable and credible content. Until then, the success of this platform remains to be seen.

Linda Ikeji Social

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