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In the world of content creation and content marketing, lifestyle blogging is a buzz-word on everybody's lips. This is perhaps due to the necessity online to offer value that goes beyond your business' product or service offering. The truth is, everyone has a lifestyle. That is, a particular way within which they live their lives. As such, there is a niche within the lifestyle blogging industry for just about everyone. It is hardly surprising therefore that a blog such as is so popular.

About Lifestyle Nigeria

Hosted at, Lifestyle Nigeria is a lifestyle blog that caters primarily to the modern Nigerian woman. Major topics covered on the blog Lifestyle Nigeria blog are fashion, lifestyle, health, relationships, beauty, and videos. The fashion, health, relationships, and beauty categories have a host of sub-categories where visitors to the site can find exactly what it is they may be looking for.

Of course, the topics in and of themselves that are covered on Lifestyle Nigeria, are not unique to the website. However, the approach to these topics and how they are applied is completely unique. Fashion ideas at revolves exclusively around Nigerian fashions. As such, one would learn to tie a Nigerian gele, for example. This exclusive focus on Nigerian lifestyle options is great for both Nigerian women and those women interested in learning about available Lifestyle Nigeria cultural options.

Layout and design

The website is designed fairly simply. The menu or navigation bar is found at the top of the page and the menu items are clearly listed. A non-intrusive banner advert falls below this menu bar and above the featured posts carousel. The featured posts carousel has a total of five posts identified by crisp photographs and a boldly written title.

With the exception of the scrolling advertisement at the bottom of the screen (which can be closed or removed by clicking the X to the far top right of the horizontal banner), all the advertisements are non-intrusive. As readers scroll the blog, they will notice that on the home page all the latest posts per category are featured. As such, there are the latest posts pertaining to fashion styles, health and fitness, nutrition, and relationship and lifestyle, among others. As is the case with the carousel, these posts are highlighted through the use of photographs and bold titles.

Finally, visitors to Lifestyle Nigeria at can interact readily with the content on the blog through social media sharing, comments on each blog post and contacting the team at Lifestyle Nigeria as needed.


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Lifestyle Nigeria

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