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LailasBlog is an entertainment and lifestyle blog that covers anything newsworthy in and around Nigeria. The blog covers a wide range of news items but articles mostly revolve around entertainment, politics, health and lifestyle. The blog also features giveaways, contests and promos that promote active reader engagement.

Reporting Style
The blog uses a casual, conversational style that easily appeals to the average Nigerian reader. This is not surprising since the site also allows readers to contribute stories. Although it is true that the site is a news reporting portal, contributions by readers also mean that it is also a sharing community of readers and content creators. The site currently hosts 25000 stories and counting. For a site that was launched in 2012, its growth in readership and popularity in such a short span of time is an impressive accomplishment.

Site Layout
The blog uses a generic layout with a simple header, a navigation bar for social media buttons on the upper left, and an overview of top stories with a headline for each occupying the main space of the site's home page. Each post is accompanied by related photos as well as the number of comments in each post. More news posts can be seen as the readers scroll down, punctuated by dynamic ads as the reader scrolls down to the end of the page.

Prompt news reporting , Accuracy, Fun, eye-catching headlines
In-depth news about celebs, politicians and other notable personalities in Nigeria, Interesting visual content  and User-generated content.


Easy access to LailaBlog

Readers love how the blog is regularly updated and is often among the first news portals to come out with breaking news. Reports are accurate and factual, and articles come with attention-grabbing headlines so that you can easily pinpoint which topics are hot and which are not.

Readers also love the in-depth articles delivered by the site on a regular basis. While there are other news and entertainment blogs that report news related to Nigeria, Lailasblog delivers specific, nuanced content that appeal to readers. Nigerians love to get the juicy scoop on their favorite personalities, especially tidbits that do not appear anywhere else, and this is what the blog does best. The blog also uses current, relevant and interesting visual content like photos and graphics.

The blog also allows readers to post their own content. Readers can submit their contributions to the Submit Your Story section, which adds to the multitude of perspectives on the site. This creates a dynamic community and fuels discussion that keeps the site alive. The section accepts photo and video submissions and allows users to post anonymously.

The site also allows readers to easily connect with Laila through the Contact Us page. Here they can send messages to the site owner through email, phone and social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Lailas blog is a great resource for fresh, in-depth news about Nigeria. From politics to entertainment and everything in between, the blog allows Nigerians all over the world to stay in touch with what's going on in the country. Its user-generated content platform also allows Nigerians to interact with each other through shared content and creates a community of diverse ideas, opinions and interests. Although the website layout could use a few improvements, the quality of content makes up for the amateurish layout. Once that is fixed, Lailasblog is poised to become one of the most influential news website in Nigeria in no time.

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