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Kamdora Blog is a Nigerian fashion blog that talks about style, fashion, beauty, weddings, and everything else there is to beautiful living. Nigeria is not short on fashion blogs, but this blog takes the cake as far as design is concerned (more on it later in the article). Unfortunately, there's not much information on when the site came into being or who owns the site.

Site Design
As aforementioned, the site's design is extremely modern and can give any popular fashion blog on the web a run for its money if there ever was an award that recognized fashion websites for their design. The color white predominantly adorns the site, giving the site a pleasant and serene look. Moreover, the font styles chosen for the header and paragraph text are also material design-like. The header and the menu cover all the basics, yet don't look cluttered.

On the design front, is certainly a winner. However, quite a few links on do not work. For instance, click the Advertise and Archive Sitemap link on the footer portion of the site and you'll head to nowhere or stay on the same page.

The content on the site is neatly categorized and presented on the primary menu. The different topics are further divided into sub-sections, ensuring each category is comprehensively covered. For instance, the Fashion & Style section has sub-categories such as Ankara Styles, Asoebi Styles, Corporate Drapes, etc.

Kamdora not just doles out information relating to fashion dressing but also talks about work wear trends and recommendations. Some of the content on the site are in the form of "how to" articles and DIY tutorials. There are also personal accounts and stories relating to fashion and beauty.

Social Media
The site has the biggest presence on Instagram, with approximately 160,000 followers. And not so much on other more popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The site's footer section also includes a link to a YouTube page, which leads to a non-existent page. The disappointments don't just end here; also does not have a proper Facebook page. The Facebook icon links to the account page of a Facebook user, called Brandi Teters. She might be the owner of the site or some key executive working for Kamdora. There's not much clarity on that front since the site doesn't have a proper About Us page. It's highly likely the Facebook link is directing to the wrong page.

As far as Twitter is concerned, Kamdora has a well-functioning page on the microblogging site, with more than 7000 followers. That's not a huge number by any margin but it's still decent enough for a beauty blog that's more visual and less textual.

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