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As the name indicates, is a fashion and entertainment-focused blog. Based out of Nigeria, Amillion Styles focuses on the latest styles and trends revolving around Aso Ebi, Ankara, and the likes. The site is not a news blog, which is a welcome relief, since most popular Nigerian bloggers are interested in spilling the beans on what's happening in and around Nigeria, which makes them quite redundant, to some extent. Amillion Styles manages to differentiate itself from that pack quite well.


Amillion Styles talks a lot about styles, fabrics, corporate and casual wear, hairstyles, wedding outfits, etc. These are aspects of the site you come to realize from the primary menu of the site. As you scroll down, you see further more categories on the left side of your screen, which are more elaborative and specific.

If you skim through the various categories, you may realize that Amillion Styles has covered almost everything there is to style and fashion trends. The majority of content on the site are explanatory-style information, with quite a lot of "how-to" articles as well. Besides talking about cosmetics and beauty accessories, also throws in the occasional articles that talk about weight loss and general health. If you are looking for some tips and suggestions on how to dress on a particular workday or to an event or occasion, you'll get a lot of help from

Site Design's site design is quite unique. It may not be the most fascinating design on the face of the World Wide Web, but it certainly has some originality to it. And true to the purpose of the site, the site's colors are also flashy and inviting, which should certainly attract the younger site visitors. But as soon as you land on the site's home page, you are welcomed by neatly stacked rectangular blocks of textual ads, which throw you off for a moment, also making you believe the site's not in order. Only after you scroll down, you find what the site really has to offer.

Social Media Presence

The site is quite popular on Facebook, with more than 125,000 likes on its Facebook page. However, for some strange reason, Amillion Styles doesn't seem to be have a strong following on Twitter and other popular social media websites such as Instagram and Pinterest. And that's probably because the site has a Facebook plugin on the right tab, but no such indicators for other social media sites. If is serious about increasing its popularity across all social media websites, it should also promote its Twitter handle and Pinterest page the way it promotes its Facebook page.


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Amillion Styles

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